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LED Light Broker lighting offers a full range of today's cutting-edge LED products that are environmentally friendly. 

More About Us

LED lighting is here to stay and LED Light Broker clearly understands energy management, saving significant money on monthly energy bills, and the millions of dollars in rebates that are available to commercial businesses that install new or retrofit their existing lights. LED Light Broker's reps are experts in the custom rebate application process for commercial business that install new or retrofit their lights.


Our Mission

LED Light Broker is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art energy-saving lighting solutions to clients worldwide.


Our Values

Our core values are driven by our desire to lower your energy cost while providing safe and brighter lights. 

Our Solution

We take care of every detail through the entire process to make it convenient for you. At LED Light Broker, we strive to make your experience with us one to remember.


Our LED Lighting Solutions Make a Difference To You and the Planet

We have tested and inspected the products we use to ensure the best quality.
We offer versatile, modern energy-efficient LED lighting solutions.