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What exactly does LED Light Broker do? Well In-short, We Custom install LED Lighting to clients World Wide.

  • Large or small companies do not normally purchase LED lights on the Internet
  • Companies do look at LED Lights on the Internet to learn facts about LED lights
  • Rebates are available to companies that reduce their energy consumption by at least 30%
  • Rebates need to be preapproved and most of the applications are somewhat complicated
  • Companies will need to furnish copies of utility bills to properly fill out rebate applications
  • Rebates can range as low as 5% to over 60% for reducing energy consumption
  • Companies do not have to change out all of their existing lights to be eligible for rebates
  • Most businesses will have LED lighting within the next five years
  • A company can save $22.09 per year by retrofitting just one T-8 fluorescent 60 watt tube that is running 12 hours per day, 365 days per year with an 18 watt T-8 LED tube light. This figure is based on a cost of $0.12 per KWH and amounts to a savings of over 70% per year.
  • LED lighting will enhance the interiors and exteriors of buildings are available in many different colors, shapes and sizes
  • LED low-voltage strip lighting is available in waterproof and will enhance most any building
  • LED lighting with dimming capabilities is available
  • There are many different qualities of LED lights and it is important to have adequate drivers
  • LED lights can be retrofitted into many existing fixtures
  • LED lights can be financed through banks, credit unions and leasing companies  and companies can actually improve their cash flow by installing new LED lights and fixtures or LED retrofits
  • LED lights are safer as they are free of mercury
  • LED lights do not have a humming sound
  • LED lights do not give out the heat that fluorescent  bulbs give out
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  • Can I Trade-In My Current Lights? +

    Yes, We Offer Trade-In Credit Towards Your LED Installation.
  • Is Financing Available? +

    LED Light Broker offers financing options for most businesses & We have extensive experience working with banking institutions, credit unions, leasing companies and private equity firms and can structure plans that will work into your short term and long term business plans.
  • Who does the Install? +

    We do! We have licensed Master-Electricians doing all of the install's that we supervise making sure the job is done clean and professional the first time.
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