LED Light Broker "LLC" is Partnered Up with GGCS Services, A top Energy Efficiency Consulting Company 




Energy Efficiency Consulting

GGCS offers a complete line of energy efficiency consulting services from evaluation of facilities and technical options to building commissioning. GGCS provides a basic review of clients’ needs and identifies a range of approaches to achieve goals of reducing cost, improving efficiencies and increasing creature comfort and productivity.

3rd Party Evaluation & Financing

GGCS works with our clients to focus on their end goal. We are expert in preparing an RFP for a guaranteed savings energy performance contract and provide third party evaluation. Alternatively, GGCS can assist in obtaining qualified service providers who perform energy efficient retrofits that accommodate budget parameters. We facilitate access to financing projects through the saving of utilities, operations and maintenance.


Tax Credits & Incentives

GGCS helps our clients to maximize the numerous Federal, State and local tax credits and incentives that can make projects economically feasible. Some non-taxable entities are eligible to receive portions of tax credits and incentives if properly structured. GGCS can assist in those structures.

LEED Certification & Alternative Green Building Compliance

GGCS provides LEED consulting for building certification. If standard LEED certification is not a goal, GGCS can provide consulting toward achieving a level of building performance that delivers efficiency, sustainability and creature comfort without going through the certification process.

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 LED Lighting Applications

          From Big Box Stores To Military Bases

 LED Lighting Lease Purchase

                   From $25k Up to 15 Million


 Installation & Term Financing

           Municipal, Agriculture, Industrial &



  •  Auto Dealerships
  •  Showrooms
  •  Airports
  •  Universities
  •  Sports Arenas
  •  Commercial Nurseries
  •  Parking Structures
  •  Port Facilities
  •  Schools
  •  Franchise Stores
  •  Street Lighting
  •  Supermarkets
  •  Offices
  •  Warehouses
  •  Industrial Assembly Areas


  • Level Term Payments
  • Stepped Term Payments
  • Deposit and Interim Payment Financing
  • Financing of Engineering
  • Site Prep installation and Non-Equipment Expenses
  • Equipment Upgrade & Equipment Add-On Financing